We Collect Court Judgments
What areas do you work?
We specialize in collecting judgments from courts located in the Northern California region. Also known as the Bay Area, such counties include Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa and Santa Cruz. We may be able to collect from other counties. Please call us at 408-259-4080 for more information.

How about using a collection service?
A collection service may contact the deadbeat and irritate him to death! They may even place a black mark on his credit report. But, they rarely collect!  We simply investigate, locate assets, and seize them! We don't waste time. We just investigate the debtor, find his assets and then seize them to enforce the judgment.

Is there any guarantee you will collect on my judgment?
No. Sometimes there are simply no assets to seize. But, you can be sure we will do our best because we only get paid if we collect.

Must I pay for the expenses incurred in enforcing my judgment?
No. We advance the cost of all expenses incurred in collecton. The expenses are then deducted from the judgment settlement before it is divided. Finally, we petition the court to have the amount of your judgment increased by the amount of the expenses, so your debtor is ultimately forced to pay them.

How long before I actually see results?
It all depends on the difficulty in locating your debtor and the difficulty in uncovering his assetts. You can typically expect to see preliminary results within six months. Some debtors are pretty smart about hiding their assets, or they appear to live without any 'normal' means of support or assets. We don't give up after the first 90 days.

I have a judgment awarded in another state against a debtor who resides in the State of California. Can you help?
Yes. We can register your out of state judgment in California as long as the debtor either lives in California, or has assets in California.

How does all this work?
First, we complete an agreement specifying how collected funds are to be distributed and disbursed. Then, you assign your judgment to us, making us the judgment creditor of record. Once we have filed your assignment with the court, we can legally take the steps necessary to enforce collection.

I'm sold! What is my next step?
Just call us at 408-259-4080 or E-Mail us. We will contact you by E-mail or telephone, and discuss your situation with you. If you decide to proceed, we will send the necessary documents for your signature. On receipt of the signed documents, we will immediately initiate collection
Frequently Asked Questions